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UVC Disinfection Lamp with

Timer, Turn ON Safety Time

Delay, Motion Sensor & Remote Control

120V 38W 360°

UVC Germicidal Disinfection Lamp 55W

  • ●Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Technology

    ●UVC Light for Air & Surface Disinfection

    ●Disinfecting UVC 254nm Wavelengths

    ●High UV Intensity (170~250μW/cm2)

    ●Suitable for Spaces upto 500 sq. ft.

    ●Turn ON Safety Time Delay 10 Sec.

    ●ON/OFF & Timer Remote Control

    ●Power ON Timer 15-30-45-60 Min.

    ●HFD Motion Sensor Protection

    ●5-Years | 10,000 Hours Warranty(*)

  • ●3-Years | 30,000 Hours Warranty(*)

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