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UVC In-Duct LED Disinfection Lighting

UVC In-Duct 30W LED Disinfection Lighting

  • UVC LED Irradiation wavelengths of 265nm with safe 405nm visible light for Bacteria Decontamination combined with High CFM Air Flow optimizes Air and Surface Disinfection.


    ●Optimal UVC 265nm

    ●Eye Safe Hidden UVC Light

    ●Low Noise Fan Operation

    ●On – Off Power Switch

    ●High – Low UV Switch

    ●Suitable for up-to 400 sq. ft.

    ●High UVC intensity (μW/cm2)

    ●Surge & Lighting Protection

    ●3-Years | 30,000 Hours Warranty(*)

  • ●3-Years | 30,000 Hours Warranty(*)

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